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Success Stories

Miss Ruba

Miss Ruba is a Media figure and another satisfied client of Altmed Lifestyle Clinic. She has been struggling to lose extra pounds by various weight loss methods but nothing seemed to work for her.
She Stated as !
” Every time I looked in the mirror.
I used to ask myself that question
“Would I ever lose this weight?”
I was desperate & hopeless about my weight.

Then I heard about Altmed Lifestyle Clinic and Join their weight loss program.
I started getting instant results from the very first day.
I got my desired weight in just 25 days.”

Ruba is Now enjoying a much healthier Lifestyle.
“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”
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Chaudary Javed

Another success story of ALTmed Lifestyle clinic
Chaudary Javed lost 28 Lbs in 35 days


Adeel Chaudhry


Lifestyle Success


Deeba Mazhar

Deeba Mazhar is an active and energetic lady but has been facing weight gain issues for quite sometime.She has been trying all kinds of weight loss methods but had negligible success with the stubborn weight problem.She had all but given up hope when one of her friends told her about ALTmed Lifestyle Clinic, Since joining ALTmed she has lost 10.5 kgs and is extremely happy and appreciative towards team ALTmed. Here are her reviews
“I am so thankful to ALTmed for helping me regain my health and confidence.I not only look good but feel marvellous as well, in fact I don’t even know how to describe the transformation I experienced. It is a great blessing to have such an institution in our city with people who are committed to give their very best.
If I am in a great shape and state of mind today, it is all thanks to ALTmed, it’s friendly and co-operative staff and caring Mr. Riaz Haider. God bless them all”. Deeba Mazhar.


Rizwan Butt

Another incredible Success Story of ALTMED LIFESTYLE CLINIC is motivating a number of despaired people who have lost hope of losing stubborn Weight.
Mr. Rizwan Butt is enjoying his body transformation.He says ‘’ALTMED LIFESTYLE CLINIC has not only transformed my body but also helped me to get rid of bad eating habits and obesity related issues.’’
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Lots of you have been messaging me wanting to see my result so far, so here they are:
“I was skeptical when I was first introduced to these products. I had tried many diets which either failed or I just couldn’t stick to. When my weight reached 195 pounds I decided I will give it a go
Not only have I lost weight
My hormones are way more stable and I have tones of energy
My skin is glowing
Don’t have IBS any more
My confidence to face public has increased
So here are the results so far. I still have a way more to go. I am very happy with the progress so far and I am loving helping other people too. Thank you to those who have been supportive and special thanks to ALTmed for helping me out of this journey of losing 39 pounds in two protocols



Mahum is happily married female with one son at 25 years of age. She is a patient of epilepsy.She joined Altmed for weight loss. Before coming to us she tried weight loss at a number of reknowned places, but always left or gave up due to extreme weakness –
Now Mahum says ”No Need To Go Anywhere Try ALTmed Where Everything is 100% Right ”
-weight lost from 107Kg to 87Kg-


Natasha Shams

Natasha joined Altmed for weight loss and was suffering from hormonal problems – the most common cause of weight loss resistance. She had been struggling to lose weight and had tried everything and did know where to turn. The Altmed weight loss resistance package includes exclusive herb formulations to tackle the three most common imbalances (hormonal, thyroid, adrenal). This has helped her to achieve her desired weight.


Ashbeel  Ayub

Ashbeel  Ayub 17 yrs old. Joined Altmed with a weight of 160.3kg for weight loss and related issues. He looked like a mini giant with physical disfigurement due to massive body weight. When Ashbeel was 10yrs old he weighed 70kgs at the age of 13yrs his weight was 86kgs. He was a junk food lover who did not know how the Real food, fruits and vegetables tasted. During this program he visited us daily for 35 days and each day he was counseled and motivated. Continuous efforts worked and at the end of the session he lost bad fat from over his front chest, back hump, hips and thighs. Initially he had to make effort in getting up from the chair and walk. He got breathless while climbing stairs, walking till the car etc.

The key ingredient was that there was daily check up. If he missed a day , ALTmed called to make sure everything was okay. He was trained to follow healthy diets and instructed to live on new lifestyle changes, Every effort needs time and energy, and for children like him it appears like a never ending journey. For him it is a training program, the result of which he’ll enjoy for the rest of his life.

For the time being he is learning to maintain the lost weight, as this is the most important part of learning——-As we at ALTMED claim lifestyle changes.

Now he knows that If he does not come out of this situation, he will be a permanent reservoir of toxins for the rest of his life and jeopardizing his present and future health.

WEIGHT at start=160.3kgs     At end= 147.4kg  Total Lost  = 13kg / 28.5Lbs.        INCHES lost=35


Fawad Butt

Fawad Butt 34 years old is an IT Professional. who is a night bird. Due to prolonged sitting and a family history if diabetes came to us with a BMI of 35+, weight 148Kgs. took a prpgram of 25 days and his weight dropped to 135Kgs ( almost 13 Kgs). There after he continued consulting us for a Diet Plan and lifestyle changes and lost another 17Kgs. now His present weight is 118Kgs , so total amount lost 30Kg over a period three and half month.
Fawad says ” I am a walking advertisement for ALTmed Lifestyle Clinic ”, Hats off for ALTmed.