• "Changing Your Life Style "




Ashbeel Ayub 17 yrs old. Joined Altmed with a weight of 160.3kg for weight loss and related issues. He looked like a mini giant with physical disfigurement due to massive body weight. When Ashbeel was 10yrs old he weighed 70kgs at the age of 13yrs his weight was 86kgs. He was a junk food lover who did not know how the Real food, fruits and vegetables tasted. During this program he visited us daily for 35 days and each day he was counseled and motivated. Continuous efforts worked and at the end of the session he lost bad fat from over his front chest, back hump, hips and thighs. Initially he had to make effort in getting up from the chair and walk. He got breathless while climbing stairs, walking till the car etc.

The key ingredient was that there was daily check up. If he missed a day , ALTmed called to make sure everything was okay. He was trained to follow healthy diets and instructed to live on new lifestyle changes, Every effort needs time and energy, and for children like him it appears like a never ending journey. For him it is a training program, the result of which he’ll enjoy for the rest of his life.

For the time being he is learning to maintain the lost weight, as this is the most important part of learning——-As we at ALTMED claim lifestyle changes.

Now he knows that If he does not come out of this situation, he will be a permanent reservoir of toxins for the rest of his life and jeopardizing his present and future health.

WEIGHT at start=160.3kgs At end= 147.4kg Total Lost = 13kg / 28.5Lbs. INCHES lost=35