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Pain Management

The”ALTMED” Lifestyle Clinic offers a unique facility for individuals seeking life style and holistic solution to their Physical, Emotional, Psychological diseases, Pains and Problems.
We’ve helped people with Chronic Pain, Reduce Weight & improved their lifestyle with holistic approach to nutrition, body, & mind. Over 9 years’ experience of this concept in Pakistan.
Most doctors will tell you the cause of your pain is where you feel it. But that’s not always the case. Especially when you are talking about back.
You see, when it comes to chronic back pain, you may be surprised to know that the problem may not have anything to do with your back.
In most cases, the source of back pain is due to muscle, tendons or ligament imbalances that cause your back to be pulled out of alignment .and this pulling and tension results in pain.
Your body is filled with tendons that attach your muscles to your bones. There are also ligaments that attach bones to bones. And as you age, the muscles in your body shorten and your joints lose their range of motion. These shortened muscles stretch out of your ligaments and tendons and cause your bones to fall out of alignment.
This misalignment puts undue pressure on nerves and tissue, resulting in back problems.
To fix this mainstream medicine often recommends popping a pain pill or invasive surgery. Not only are these methods not always effective, they’re far from a permanent solution.
A third and more effective solution is stretching exercises.
But the exercises I have seen that come from orthopedics offices are just plain wrong. a lot of them wind up stretching the ligaments, which ends up stressing them and weakening them more. So not only do they not work they often wind up making the problem worse.
These exercises end up loosening your ligaments and tendons. And this result is looser joints. This is not what you want to do. Loosing joints mean the chance of injury is greater.
What you want to do is tighten the ligaments and tendons around your joints. Tighter joints mean you’re less likely to suffer an injury.
The good news is that there are several stretches you can do on you own to tighten your joints and help improve your back pain and it takes only a couple minutes EGT Therapy for 10 to 15 days.

Back pain treated With EGT.
How EGT Works?
EGT is a highly sophisticated, non-invasive, research-based medical treatment designed to realign the spine and regenerate cellular tissue. It utilizes unique signature sound waves to address core spinal distortions and disturbances. The EGT treatment causes a significant effect on your physical health by eliminating or reducing pain, promoting tissue regeneration, arresting bone degeneration, repairing and strengthening tendons and ligaments, enhancing coordination, increasing range of motion and improving posture.
If anyone wants some more helpful and simple natural solution to Pain Management there’s a self-assessment programme at the Altmed Life style Clinichas put together an easy to use comprehensive guide that enables you to find out exactly, why you are-experiencing pain where exactly it is coming from and how to get rid of it.