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Electronic Gem Therapy

What is Electronic Gem Therapy?

Electronic Gem Therapy is a safe procedure, which targets the specific part of the body which needs help. It uses the dielectric properties of crystalline precious gem stones, to induce energy into diseased or injured tissue, organs and glands by sympathetic resonance. The frequency of the energy induced is dictated by the colour of the gem stone used. It should not be confused with modern light, colour or crystal therapies, because it is derived from proven medicinal qualities of particular gem stones for the treatment of illnesses.

How does it work?

Nowadays, surgical laser beams are generated by rubies, but certain precious gems have been valued for their medicinal properties, beauty and rarity for over 5,000 years. Some Tibetan and Indian medicines are made from the fine powder of gem stones. Many infections, allergies and psychological and physical illnesses cause an imbalance of the patient’s organs and glands, which is normally accompanied by a detrimental Assemblage Point location. Electronic Gem Therapy is able to correct this by adjusting the biological activity of organs and energy imbalances and re-aligning the Assemblage Point.

How can Gem Therapy Help?

Gem stones are reservoirs of pure radiating energy. The concentrated rays of gems influence cellular activity at a sub-atomic level, where gross chemicals such as herbs and drugs cannot penetrate. The gem rays pass through the body and influence cellular behaviour in a similar way to infrared rays. The colour of the gem stone determines its effect on living cells. Combining natural healing frequencies with colour and gem stones can influence the cohesion and vibrational rates of cells, organs and glands. Hence vastly accelerating the healing process. With Electronic Gem Therapy it is possible to energise one part of the body with, say, diamonds and carnelians, whilst at the same time soothing another part with sapphires and emeralds.

The Procedure

The lamps have a chamber, which holds the various combinations of stones that have been tailored to the individuals condition. These are then targeted towards the diseased or injured tissue, organs, or glands. Set to specific frequencies and voltages, the equipment enables a strong photon cloud to emit from the gems, which increases the biological activity within the body by setting up sympathetic resonance, which the targeted organ responds to. This is believed to erase cellular memory at a subatomic level thus revitalizing cells so they can carry out their function efficiently. The beauty of the stones is not just in their rarity or their healing qualities they also last forever as usage has no diminishing effect. Different stones have different qualities. Emeralds for example, are very cooling and extremely efficient at removing infections with heat, blue sapphires are cool and analgesic and work wonders with nerve pain especially sciatica, and rubies are hot and energising, which is fabulous for poor circulation and various forms of arthritis.